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SEP Manager Console 11.0 Installation and Configuration Part 2

In the last part 1, we talked about the symantec endpoint protection manager console installation and configuration. In this section, we will discuss the menus of the manager console.

Symantec endpoint proterction manager dashboard, on this screen , information is sent to the manager consol from the computers with Sep, through agents, and thus we get information about the security of all our computers.

Security Status informs us about the security status of our computers in the environment and errors received. In this menu, there are two options named Preferences and More Details. More Detalis gives us information about which security methods are provided in our devices with sep. Auto-Protect Failures- Network Threat Protection Failures- Scan Failures Antivirus Definition Update Failures -Intrusion Prevention Signature Update Failures- Top Threat Failures Latest Threat Failures – Unknown Device Failures If there is a problem in any of them, you can see a warning or error message on the relevant option from this menu.

Preferences display a “Attention Required” security status when these criteria are greater than or equal to the specified value, with Home and Monitors – Security Status – Log and Reports tabs.

Action Summary by Detection Count, In this field , there is a summary table of the data collected by seps. It shows how many viruses or security risks are detected and how the method is applied according to these viruses and risks. For example, until today, viruses have been deleted etc.

Risk Per Hour: Last 12 Hours, This area presents a diagram against the perceived risks in the last 12 hours. In this section , Attacks and infections outside of risk are included.

Status Summary, In this field , it provides summary information of various data for the Sep program. Computers with antivirus engine turned off show the computers with Auto-Protect turned off and other fields in the summary status list. For example, if the Computers tab opposite the Antivirus Engine OFF section was 1, you would be able to access the report about this event if you click on it.

Virus Definitions Distribution Last 12 Hours, this section deals with the distribution of virus definitions for the last 12 hours, as well as here Intrusion Prevention Signature Distribution is available in an area showing the last 12 hours of intrusion prevention signature distribution.

Security Response, this panel contains Top Threats (most common threats) and Latest Threats (latest threats) fields. Here it tells us about the dangers. In the picture below, I clicked on the Security Alerts section in the Security Response tab and looked at the latest threats.To get more detailed information about them, just click on the topic you want to get information such as Security Alerts – Symantec – Definitions – Latest Threats – Security Focus .

Symantec ThreadCon, this part consists of 4 levels and determines the level of security and when it gets to level 3 or 4 in cases of rapid virus distribution or security risks, all seps automatically start anti virus scanning.There is almost every series of symantec in netbackup software. backups are taken automatically when they arrive.

Watched Applications Summary, this area provides us with a summary status report on monitored applications.

Favorite Report, this area provides us with a summary report on the latest alerts, threats, attacks and viruses to date, for example , let’s take a look at Top Sources of Attacks . We do not have a problem with us right now. You can customize the Favorite Report section with the + button on its side.

In this article we are familiar with the Home Pane (home pane) of the symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console. We will consider Monitors, Reports, Policies, Clients and Admin Panes separately in other parties.

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