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SEP Manager Console 11.0 Installation and Configuration Part 3

In this article, we will examine the Monitors Pane in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console 11. It consists of Summary-Logs-Command Status and Notifications fields in the Monitors pane area, briefly, it provides us with information about the commands we apply to the logs, so let’s examine how.

Monitors, Summary Pane

Let’s take a look at the pane found on this screen.

TruScan Proactive Threat Scan allows us to monitor the status information of proactive scans against potential threats.

Risk Distribution  allows us to monitor the risk distribution of malware.

New Risk, In the event of a threat, it shows the detection of this threat ‘Risk status and on which computer it is located.

Risk Distribution by Soruce is an information area that shows the distribution of risk according to its source.

Risk Distribution by Attacker shows the distributions of risks made by the Attacker .

Risk Distribution by Group allows us to monitor the Risk distribution group.

Summary Type,  this field provides us with personalization in terms of monitoring.In this area , you can look at Network Thread Protection , Compliance and Site Status , apart from Antivirus and Truscan proactive Threat scan . 

Let’s take a look at Network Thread Protection

As can be seen from the picture above, we can view different summary information on different topics by using Summary Type in the monitors area.

Monitors, Logs Pane

The Log Type section in the Logs area shows the logs related to the status of our computer, Application and device control, Computer status, Network threat protection, TruScan proactive threat scanning, Risk, Scan and system problems, and also allows us to record these logs.

The time range field is used to adjust the timing of the filter settings you want to use.

Command Status,

This area shows the status summaries of the operations we have applied on the seps that we manage with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console.For example, when we come to the Clients Panel from the Monitors panel, right click on my sep loaded computer and run command on clients –enable auto-protect feature. I sent a command to activate it, and in my example above, I see that this process has taken place. Turn Auto-Protect On process is 100% complete etc.

Notifications Pane

There are filtering settings related to SEP in the Notifications pane and it allows you to configure these filtering processes at certain times. When we look at the Notification Conditions section, we can provide us with a notification about the options that we come across with the add button. We can delete our configuration.

Notification Conditions

In this article, we reviewed the Monitors panel section of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Console 11.0, and see you in the next part.

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